Certified by the Institute of
Automotive Engineers & Assessors


Yes we also do surrounding counties but may have to negotiate terms due to travel / distance, etc.
Do you travel to private sellers?
Yes we travel to household / private sellers as well as dealers and garages.
Is there a warranty with the report ?
No. the pre-purchase inspection report is indicative of the condition of the vehicle at the particular time of the inspection as per our terms and conditions
How does the engineer report differ from the pre purchase inspection report?
The engineers report may be for a specific reason, e.g: roadworthiness report, mechanical failure or re- insurance necessities.
How long does the pre purchase inspection take?
Approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour .
Do I have to be present at a pre purchase inspection?
No. all we need is the sellers and your details and we do the rest.
Do you carry out inspections outside Dublin?