Certified by the Institute of
Automotive Engineers & Assessors

What we inspect

Our inspection covers all areas of the vehicles interior and exterior. We offer a detailed report on all major components. A brief summary of our inspection is outlined below.

component what we inspect
gearbox (manual & automatic) We check for smooth operation and for noises as well as excessive transmission overrun. The operation of the clutch and the general performance is inspected during test drives. We also check for smooth changing on auto / tiptronic gearboxes in addition to a stall test and it's performance under load.
suspension / steering The shock absorbers are tested for wear and tear. Suspension components, drop links, anti roll bars, rubbers, whishbones, struts and springs are given a detailed inspection. The overall performance of the suspension and steering is also checked during test drives. Lastly the operation of the steering rack is tested for excessive wear.
drivetrain The condition and operation of the driveshafts are inspected. Operation and noise checks are also run on the differential.
exhaust The condition and any corrosion is inspected on the exhaust. We look for potential leaks and blockages and check mountings and rubbers.
undercarriage We check for any corrosion and road damage on the undercarriage. The general condition is inspected and any deformation is detailed.
brakes We inspect the operational performance of the anti-lock brake system and check for any brake pad wear. Handbrake opeation and static test is also carried out and the vehicles braking performance during test drives is logged.
engine The performance and power output of the engine is tested. We inspect the condition of the turbocharger / supercharger if applicable. We inspect the cooling systems general operation as well as the cylinder head gasket. The fuel system is tested for leaks and breakages and we also carry out a smoke test.
roadtest The vehicle is comprehensively road tested. The handling of the vehicle is inspected as well as the operational capacity of the brakes, steering and suspension.
general condition We inspect the overall condition of the vehicle looking for any damage and abnormalities. The air conidtion is tested and any vehicle electronics (if applicable) such as windows, mirrors and extras are inspected.