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Automotive Engineers & Assessors

Terms & Conditions

Dublin Motors vehicle inspections are prepared from visual checks only and do not involve dismantling or disturbing of any structure, assembly,component or internal mechanism. Reports are limited to the parts and/or items identified on the report sheet,due to the time and cost involved it is not feasible for Dublin Motors to dismantle component assemblies to measure internal working parts.

The condition of these components is evaluated by factors such as operational noise or performance under road test. Computer Diagnostic reports are compiled from data available from the particular vehicle , the level of this data depends on the manufacturer and may vary ,the diagnostic scan does not offer a warranty or guarantee on any electrical or computer components and only advises possible causes for the fault codes listed at that particular time.Dublin Motors vehicle inspection reports only relate to the condition of the vehicle at the time of inspection.

The condition of a vehicle can change due to factors such as neglect/driver abuse, unforeseen deterioration of internal components and general wear and tear.